Formula 1 in Monza

Step into the history and myth of Formula 1 by visiting one of the oldest and most fascinating circuits in the circus. The straights and chicanes of the legendary Monza National track are colored every year by the huge and thrilling "Red Tide". The last edition marked the important milestone of the centenary for the Monza temple of speed. The Formula 1 Pirelli Italian Grand Prix 2022 was a huge success with the public and Sissi Bedrooms was the ideal accommodation for many spectators who attended the various practice sessions, as well as the races. For 2023, mark the date of the first weekend in September, from 1 to 3 August, to experience the magic of the Monza Grand Prix. Even in the previous days, with the arrival of the stables and the start of free practice, the city of Monza attracts thousands of fans, giving them unique emotions. The racetrack, in addition to hosting the Formula One races, is also home to numerous sporting and musical events.

Don't miss the concert by Bruce Springsteen, the Boss of Rock music: 25 July 2023, save the date! Sissi Comfort Rooms is the perfect accommodation in Monza to attend both the Grand Prix and all the other events organized at the Autodrome or the Monza Park. All the places are easy and comfortable to reach in a few minutes, to experience the events in the front row.

A must visit

The Royal Palace of Monza

Villa Reale with its princely halls, the Royals and the Park make up the wonderful complex of the Reggia di Monza. The Green Park of the Royal Palace is one of the largest walled parks in Europe. Lush, it offers a spectacular natural in the winter, when the foliage of the vegetation takes on warm colors that a canvas or a painter could hardly reproduce.

At the Reggia di Monza you can enjoy the park doing sports or visiting its many attractions, visit the Royal Villa where sumptuous rooms and interesting exhibitions await you, or relax in the gardens among the 1000 varieties of roses present in the Rose Garden or taking a romantic walk around the pond.

Green giants

Monza Park

The Monza Park, consisting of about 600 hectares of precious vegetation and enchanting gardens, was built by the will of the Emperor Napoleon from 1805 to 1808, with the aim of making it a model agricultural estate and a hunting reserve. The great variety of centuries-old trees has made the park famous all over the world. A walk in direct contact with nature will allow you to closely observe authentic green giants: beeches, plane trees, horse chestnuts, lyriodendrons, English oaks, sofore and other trees that, together, populate a park with unique characteristics.

Everything is enriched by important works of modern art such as "The Gate", created by Sam Havadtoy in homage to the visit of Pope Francis on 25 March 2020, "The Aviary for Humans" by Giuliano Mauri and "The writer", the work of Giancarlo Neri.

Il Parco e la Villa Reale di Monza
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